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The Expert Platform System

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GOAL: Get Your Book To #1 Bestseller On Amazon And Reach 100 Book Sales In A Day Using Using Organic Traffic!

We spend every hour of every day testing new book marketing strategies for our private clients.

This system was developed by Jeremy Jones, the CEO and founder of Jones Media Publishing, a top-rated and veteran-led company to help entrepreneurs get published.

Jeremy has over a decade in book publishing industry experience, and also developed the top first-time author self-publishing education and coaching system, Authority Coach.

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  • Self-publishing: How To Your Book Properly Self Published To Stand Out and Reach Your Perfect Readers

  • Launch: How To Build A Book Launch Team and Create Organic Book Marketing Campaigns With As Little As 15-Minutes A Day

  • Product Suite: Turn Your Book Into A Business Growth Machine By Turning Book Buyers Into Course Sales, Group Coaching Members, Or Private Clients By Learning How To Build A Book Blueprint Product Suite

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  • Evergreen Solutions: In a Section Of The Newsletter We Will Also Include An Evergreen Strategy Section That You Can Implement Into Your Business That Will And Has Always Worked

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"Your Book Blueprint Virtual Workshop Recordings"

Watch me outline a Book Profit Blueprint In With A LIVE Virtual Audience and get a 7 days FAST START training to take your book to rapid profits.

I will also break down book publishing strategies and how to plan your book launch. This 7 day video course will be one of the most valuable assets you will get today. 

What You'll Learn In This 7 Day In Depth Video Training:

  • How To Launch a Successful Author Platform: Follow The Training Step By Step and Learn How To Launch a Book That Brings In Book Sales Within 7 Days

  • Multiply Book Profits: How To Scale Your Book Profits With Back-end Sales and Business Growth Strategies not taught anywhere else!

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"Book Structure Foundations"

It doesn't do you any good to get organic traffic to your book unless that book converts into book buyers.

In this training I will go into how we convert our traffic into paying book buyers that stick around.

They aren't our customers once but they are our customers for life. 

What You'll Learn In This Video Training:

  • Convert Traffic: How To Convert Traffic That Comes To Your Site Into Paying Customers
  • Turn Customers Into Life Long Fans: How To Turn Customers Into Life Long Fans That Keep Coming Back And Are Your Customers For Life

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"Mini Ebook Secrets"

This is the evergreen ebook strategy I use in all of my organic and automated book marketing. I have had hundreds of students use this process and get remarkable results.

Discover how to use "mini ebooks". These are ebooks that are 100 pages or less to sell your existing course, group coaching, products, or services.

This Process sells your product and service on the back end of your mini ebook, while you are on vacation or spending time with family!

What You'll Learn In This Training:

  • Irresistible Book Title Formula: How To Script Your Book Title So It's Irresistible and Compelling To Your Perfect Reader

  • Rapid Self-Publishing: The marketplace is moving and evolving fast! This is how to write and publish your mini ebook in lightning speed!

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"The Four Pillars of A Successful Author Expert Platform"

These are our Core 4 Pillars To Self-Publishing An Effective Book in 2023! Watch them and study them! 

Model this process and structure, for a proven formula to be successful...BOOM you already have a proven book idea! 

What You'll Get From This:

  • The 4 Pillars Videos: You Will See 4 Pillars Video Series To Market Test Your Book Idea So It's Virtually Guaranteed To Be A Winning Topic

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"LinkedIn Book Launch Secrets"

This was the start of the Expert Platform method. We researched how book were sold on the top platform for "education based content" in our industry and just did exactly wheat they did. 

Within a few days we had a few simple posts on LinkedIn, and the book sales were rolling in! This training will show you exactly how to do that too!

What You'll Learn In This Video Training:

  • Learn From Others: How to research other authors on LinkedIn and ride the wave of what they already having success with

  • Do What's Working: How To Leverage little-known free tools on LinkedIn to get massive traffic and book sales from a few simple posts.

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"Live Case Studies With REAL Authors"

Get FREE access to hours of live coaching calls with real life businesses and case studies!

I helped these first-time authors and business owners one-on-one and you can watch them and learn from them. This info is super insightful, and normally costs a lot to get access to! 

What You'll Learn From This Video Training:

  • Real Life Application: Watch Us Implement The Expert Platform Marketing Strategy In Real Life With Actual Businesses. 

  • Expert Platform Method At The Beginning: How These Businesses Are Using The Expert Platform At The Very Beginning

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"The Top Three EVERGREEN book buyer topics on Amazon"

The book "Big Idea" is the corner stone to why Expert Platform will help your book put the favor in your odds.

If you don't have a "PROVEN" book topic with thousands of hungry buyers already searching for a book like yours on Amazon... no one knows if your book will be successful. Make sure your first book falls into one of these Top Three EVERGREEN book buyer topics and your book will bless the lives of those that come across it! 

What You'll Learn In This Training:

  • Converting Traffic: How To Create An Evergreen Book Topic With Thousands Readers Waiting To Read (because it's a proven topic)

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"Book Marketing and Author Platform Fundamentals"

The best thing to do is when you find a winning book is to build a platform so you can have an audience you build long-term.

This course dives into how we do that and how we turn one winning book idea, into a series of books with an Author Platform.

What You'll Learn From This Video Course:

  • Author Expert Platform: How To Create A Winning Author Platform To Make Book Marketing 10X Easier

  • Book Marketing Breakdown: How To Turn Book Lookie-loos into Book Buyers FAST with these essential book marketing tactics!

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"Expert Platform Mastermind Group"

Being around people that are doing what you want to do is one of the best things to do in business. 

In this group there are other entrepreneurs applying these same strategies and having success. Learn from them and grow with them! Also with guest appearances from our private client-authors featured in case studies that you can learn from!

What You'll Learn In This Mastermind:

  • Learn From Others: Learn From The Success Of Others In This Group
  • Have Your Questions Answered: If You Have Any Questions Simply Post Them And The Group Will Answer and Help You Out

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Your Book Blueprint Workshop Recordings...........................($997 Value)

Book Structure Foundations.....................................................($197 Value)

Mini Ebook Secrets.....................................................................($197 Value)

The Four Pillars of A Successful Author Platform..................($297 Value)

LinkedIn Book Launch Secrets..................................................($147 Value)

Live Case Studies With REAL Authors......................................($497 Value)

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Author Platform Fundamentals................................................($297 Value)

 Expert Platform Method Mastermind Group.........................($177 Value)

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The Publishing EDGE Monthly Newsletter ($97/mo Value)

Your Book Blueprint Virtual Workshop Recordings ($1997 Value)

Book Structure Foundations ($497 Value)

 Mini Ebook Secrets ($197 Value)

The Four Pillars of A Successful Author Expert Platform ($297 Value)

 LinkedIn Book Launch Secrets ($147 Value)

 Live Case Studies With REAL Authors ($997 Value)

 The Top Three EVERGREEN book buyer topics on Amazon($97 Value)

Book Marketing and Author Platform Fundamentals ($497 Value)

 Expert Platform Mastermind Group ($177 Value)

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There is no catch! I'm giving all of this away because I want you guys to test drive the Expert Platform system!


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This crazy gift is designed to help you succeed and live the life you have always wanted to live. 

How Long Will This GIFT Last?

This isn't going to last forever, I only have so many slots for people to "test out" the Expert Platform system. As soon as those slots are filled this page will shut down. 

Why wont this offer last forever?

I only plan to get this membership to 1,000 members, before we raise the price or close the doors so can give as much support and attention to you, as a member.

I can only help so many people in the coaching group, too many people will ruin the experience...

Getting two memberships for the price of one is the craziest thing ever and won't be here long...

 We are selling out of slots fast so this will not last long and will be shut down as soon as those slots are filled...

Is There A Guaranteee?

How would you like to hear the boldest guarantee in the world?

 The Worlds Craziest Guarantee - 365 Day Guarantee

If you aren't satisfied with the value and products, even after 1 full year, I will refund your initial investment. 

ON TOP OF THAT... I will let you keep everything I gave you to continue using. I know it will bless you life so I will let you keep it until you see the value in it. 

How the heck is that now fair!? 

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